Women’s Circle

Women’s Circle

​Empowering Women to Proactively Support Themselves and Loved Ones on Journeys toward Health and Financial Wellness

Life brings us all sorts of challenges — some foreseen and planned for, yet many others that are not. Balancing the demands of our varying roles can leave us bewildered, without focus, and at a loss as to how to move forward with complex decisions that impact ourselves, our parents, children and grandchildren.

At Briggs Advisory Group, the Women’s Circle connects you with a group of like-minded professionals who have information, ideas and interest in helping you make informed decisions around your family, health, financial affairs and, accordingly, your future. There are choices in life, but circumstances may change, and events happen that may alter your path or mindset or provide new opportunities. The Women’s Circle’s goal is to help provide clarity, choice and independence to your life.

Connect with our firm at events specifically designed for the Women's Circle. These events are meant to help you understand different and unique circumstances that affect you or your family, review the objectives you may already have or need to adjust, and provide you with expertise, individual guidance and planning to help you and your plan stay on course.

For information on upcoming events, CLICK HERE.

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