Briggs Advisory Group manages over $421 million* of assets in conjunction with the implementation and monitoring of our clients’ financial plans. Many of the families and individuals we work with are retirees, professionals, business owners and trustees, both from New England and across the country, who generally have one of the following significant concerns about their financial well-being:

•    Making smart, informed decisions with their money

•    Managing their investment portfolio to meet their personal financial goals

•    Providing sufficient cash flow for an independent and dignified retirement

•    Minimizing income and estate taxes

•    Providing a legacy through the transfer of assets to future generations

•    Protecting against third parties unjustifiably taking current and/or future assets

•    Making tax efficient significant charitable gifts


Clients of our firm generally have a minimum of $500,000 of assets under our management. We also work with active accumulators who may meet our minimum in the future. 

We work with our clients as their single team of advisors, in conjunction with their legal and tax professionals, so that their financial plans are implemented and carried out in a cost-effective, tax-efficient and coordinated manner. 


*As of 12/31/2022