Briggs Advisory Group acts solely in your best interest when offering personalized financial advice. Simply stated, we are your independent fiduciary advisor. 

Your fees are exclusively based on your assets under our management and are inclusive of all our services; we do not accept any commissions or third-party compensation for our wealth management services.

Your fees are tiered based on the following schedule:2

Assets Under Management

Annual Fee

On the first $1,000,000


On the next $2,000,000


On the next $2,000,000


On all amounts over $5,000,000


*The above fee schedule is subject to a minimum annual fee of $7,500.

Illustrated below are examples of what your overall blended fee may be at certain levels of assets under management:

Assets Under Management

Annual Blended Rate













1 As part of your financial plan, we evaluate your insurance needs. Skip Briggs, Christopher Ricci, Kimberly DeAngelis and Dawn Filliatreault Wood are independent licensed insurance agents who partner with The C.O.R.E. Group, an independent brokerage general agent; they may individually receive commission-based compensation for implementing fixed insurance contracts. 

2 Certain pre-existing clients may have a different fee schedule.