“Empowering you to live a lifestyle of choice”

Our Value


  • We assist in getting your financial house in order.


  • We help you follow through on financial commitments.


  • We help you make decisions based on logic and evidence.


  • We work with you to anticipate life transitions and to be financially prepared for them.


  • We explore what specific knowledge is needed to succeed in your individual circumstance.


  • We help you to achieve the best life possible; with you, not just for you.

Experience & Wisdom

  • We dedicate our team of professionals, with diverse life experiences, to help you achieve your unique goals.



Our Partnership with Buckingham Strategic Partners


24+ Years Servicing Advisors


$58B Assets Under Management*


Supporting 1,000+ Financial Advisors



As independent financial advisors, we take seriously our legal and ethical fiduciary duty to always act in your best interest. This responsibility includes regular evaluation of potential partners to determine if they offer services and solutions that enhance the financial advice and support we provide.  

This is why, after extensive due diligence, we chose to partner with Buckingham Strategic Partners, a national financial services firm with main offices in St. Louis and San Jose. They have over 24+ years of experience providing tools and solutions to independent financial advisors and their clients. We rely on their best-in-class services, support, enhanced resources and true team approach in helping us serve you. 

As advisors, we benefit greatly from Buckingham’s distinctive combination of custom advisory strategies, a time-tested investment philosophy and service excellence, guided by passion and integrity.  Most importantly, this partnership allows us to spend valuable time with you, our clients, to focus on your long-term plan, helping you stay confidently on track to achieve your goals.

*As of December 31, 2022