Advanced Financial Planning

Leaving a Legacy

You have worked hard to build and protect your family’s wealth. Now it is time to think about how those efforts will extend beyond your lifetime and continue to make a positive impact on the people and purposes you care about most. We have a thorough, thoughtful method for helping you design a plan to share your legacy with family, friends, charities and causes. 

We will help you plan for the future of your wealth, safeguarding it for generations to come. We have meaningful conversations, discuss opportunities for you and your family, and ask introspective questions.

Using our wealth transfer process, we aim to:

  • Define your wishes for how your wealth will be transferred during your lifetime and beyond.
  • Identify and implement tax strategies to make the most of what you have saved.
  • Determine strategies to maximize the transfer of your wealth, helping you leave a legacy that is significant and lasting.
  • Maximize your tax benefits while you are supporting the causes most important to you. 
  • Uncover circumstances that deserve particular consideration, either in your wealth transfer or estate plan, to make certain your essential documents reflect your wishes.
  • Help you communicate plans to your family and charitable organizations to ensure everyone knows your intentions and who is responsible for carrying out your plans. 
  • We will work directly with your estate planning attorney to ensure your plan is implemented and carried out. 

Tax Strategies

Investors can face significant tax-related expenses, so having an effective strategy to minimize these expenses can help increase your odds of reaching your financial goals. Effective tax planning is also vital because it canvasses nearly every aspect of your wealth management plan — from the investments you make to the retirement you envision to the legacy you leave. 

A cornerstone of evidence-based investing is minimizing the taxes you pay. We look through every aspect of your wealth management plan and identify opportunities to put tax-efficient strategies into play for you, and we then revisit the process as your circumstances evolve. 

We can do this in wide-ranging ways — maximizing tax efficiency in your retirement accounts and estate plan, blending the tax benefits you receive with your charitable giving, and keeping you educated on the latest tax rules and regulations.

These are some of the other ways we implement tax efficiencies:

  • Seek opportunities year-round — not just at year-end — to offset realized capital gains and lower taxes. 
  • Identify the best tax strategies for Roth conversions and select the most appropriate retirement savings plans such as Traditional or Roth IRAs and 401(k) Plans. 
  • Strategically use taxable, tax-exempt and tax-deferred accounts for your investments in order to lower your overall tax bill. 
  • Develop a spend-down plan to better your odds of having enough money in retirement in the most tax-efficient way.
  • Review your tax returns in order to stay abreast and plan for any changes in tax situations. 
  • We will work directly with your tax preparer to ensure your financial plan is carried out in a tax efficient manner.