Employer Retirement Plans

Expect More From Your Retirement Plan

At Briggs Advisory Group, we are committed to helping you establish and maintain an impactful and robust retirement plan for your business, yourself and your employees. We do this by putting significant focus helping you establish goals for your retirement plan and then designing a solution that meets your unique goals. From our experience, the main objectives of most plan sponsors fall into the following seven categories: 

  • Maximize contributions for owners or other key employees
  • Positively affect participant’s retirement outcomes
  • Implement an evidence-based and easy to use investment offering
  • Partner with an advisor who is accessible to plan participants as well as the plan sponsor
  • Reduce administrative burden
  • Enjoy transparent and fully disclosed fees
  • Minimize or eliminate some fiduciary liability

Here is how we assist plan sponsors:

  • Recommend service providers such as Third-Party Administrator (TPA), Recordkeeper and Custodian who will provide the highest level of service and competitive pricing for your plan
  • Serve as the main point of contact between you and other service providers
  • Implement an investment strategy backed by academic evidence and presented in a simplistic way
  • Provide investment education to employees
  • Offer a fully transparent fee structure
  • Assume liability for investment selection and monitoring