Insurance Planning

No one wants to feel vulnerable, particularly when it comes to their family’s financial future. You can gain confidence and comfort, however, by developing a plan that protects the hard-earned wealth you have accumulated and provides a guardrail as you pursue your financial goals. While there are many complexities when trying to address all your insurance needs, you can receive wide-ranging protection against the unexpected and the inevitable through careful, strategic planning. 

As a firm, we identify your insurance needs and walk you through the options to best meet them. We work together to make sure you have the proper amount of protection and that the insurance you have reflects your specific goals and objectives identified in your financial plan. We strive to make sure that security is built into your financial future.    

Briggs Advisory Group can help provide insurance solutions that fit into your comprehensive financial plan by:

  • Analyzing your existing insurance policies and annuity contracts to gauge whether they accurately reflect your current needs. 
  • Providing access to life insurance, long-term-care insurance, disability insurance and annuities.
  • Surveying the options among dozens of highly rated insurance carriers so you have an objective recommendation. 
  • Developing a plan so your family’s lifestyle will not be significantly affected if you were to lose your income.
  • Incorporating insurance planning as an integral part of your financial plan and into your regular review meetings to make sure your insurance continues to meet your evolving needs.

As part of your financial plan, we evaluate your insurance needs. Skip Briggs, Christopher Ricci, Kimberly DeAngelis and Dawn Filliatreault Wood are independent licensed insurance agents who partner with The C.O.R.E. Group, an independent brokerage general agent; they may individually receive commission-based compensation for implementing fixed insurance contracts.