Investment Management

Your investment portfolio is uniquely designed with the primary focus of supporting your personal financial goals. Your portfolio is designed and managed through the following process:

First and foremost, we need to understand your personal goals, concerns and key values.

Recognize your ability, willingness and need to take risk. 

We want you to understand your investment strategy. 

We will implement or, put into action, your investment portfolio that is integrated with your retirement, tax, estate, and risk management plan.

Your portfolio will be continuously monitored and reviewed with you at your periodic meetings.


Your portfolio will be constructed using an evidence-based approach to investing defined through 50-plus years of academic research. This research is ongoing and will continue to support the recommendations we make to you. Importantly, your investment strategy guidance is not defined by what any member of Briggs Advisory Group “thinks” markets, the economy or interest rates are going to do. Rather it is based on six key tenants which are persistent, pervasive, robust, investable, and intuitive:

1.    Global stock market diversification is the starting point
2.    Outperforming the market is difficult 
3.    Size, value and momentum tilts may increase expected return
4.    The primary role of fixed income is to reduce volatility
5.    Evidence-based investing slowly evolves over time

There are four key things to understand about our general approach to building your portfolio:

1.    We use low-cost, evidence-based funds to implement the stock allocation
2.    We use either low-cost bond funds or individual bonds to implement the fixed income allocation
3.    We use strategic asset location to improve after-tax returns
4.    We look for ways to improve the tax efficiency of your portfolio through the use of core funds, tax-managed funds and municipal bonds when appropriate

We ensure that your investment accounts have the proper beneficiary designations and are titled appropriately so that your legacy, the future of your wealth, will be carried out according to your wishes. 

The end result of our overall process is a low-cost, tax-efficient and globally diversified portfolio suited to help you achieve your goals while being cognizant of risk.