Retirement Planning

You may work for over forty years during your lifetime with the goal of retiring with dignity and independence. We will work together during your working years, transition years, and retirement years to help generate the income in retirement for you to live the lifestyle you choose and honor the promises you have made to yourself and others. There are four key issues as you plan for your retirement:

Determining How Much to Save and Spend

  • Understand the retirement lifestyle you envision and demine the amount of cash flow needed to support it. We will help you align your lifestyle goals and spending plan. 
  • If already retired or transitioning into retirement, establish how much savings you need in order to supply the cash flow necessary for you to carry out your retirement lifestyle; if still working, determine how much you will need to accumulate in the future.
  • As the years pass, we will review your employment status, cash flow needs, level of asset accumulation, and adjust the plan as necessary to meet your evolving goals and circumstances. 


Portfolio Management
Understanding your current assets and consolidating, or organizing, them into a comprehensive and disciplined investment strategy to support your retirement lifestyle. 

Risk Management
We will discuss the various risks, or variables, that may impact your retirement and how to properly address them:

  • Personal and Family: Employment, longevity, change in marital status, and unforeseen needs of family members
  • Healthcare: Unexpected medical bills, long-term care, and change in housing needs
  • Financial: Inflation, interest rates, stock market, and pensions
  • Entitlements: Social security and Medicare


Maximizing Social Security Benefits
Social Security benefits most often complement other retirement planning strategies but can still play a key role in maintaining your lifestyle in retirement. While the Social Security Administration determines your benefit based on earnings, the amount you receive can vary significantly depending on your filing strategy. We navigate the many Social Security rules and then offer objective guidance that can help you get the most out of your options. We work to find strategies that can help you reach your maximum benefit based on your specific circumstances, allowing you to rely less on your investments to keep up with spending needs.